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I dont know what it is, but once I start up cs (counter-strike) i just start unwinding. I have been an avid gamer since i was ten which was when i got my first game console a Sega Genesis and ever since then i have just fallen in love with video games. I just recently discovered pc games and im hooked its just awesome!!! There's always someway you can better your pc so the gameplay runs better and better  which later affects how you play and what strategies you use. As of right now I'm playing cs which is a never ending game with a few different obj.'s. But hopefully soon I'll save up enough so i can buy a mother board with a pci express slot, so then i can run Battle Field 2 and start a journey playing one of the greatest war games ever created.
18-21, M
2 Responses Sep 13, 2006

hehe I too am a gamer for life!! I havent yet installed CS onto my new uber computer.. Mmm it's so yummy. However its my fault for playing WoW and getting my hubby hooked. <br />
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I will start up the CS again, perhaps even BF2.. That was a great game and with the new graphics card and 24 inch flat, it should look pretty freakin nice.. I know FEAR s amazing on it.<br />
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Anyhow guys, hit me up if you ever want to play. I usually go under the Alias of plain old Angel, and I am often in the H2o server for CS. Look me up in the near future!!

If you dig on CS, you'll like BF2 - can't speak to the veracity of your claim of "greatest war games" though. I'm not sure if that's been created yet. ^_~<br />
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Look me up (same alias) in CS:S or BF2 sometime, eh? I'll frag you for free. ^_~