Country Life

I was born and raised in the big city, fortunately we lived on the outskirts. So I lived in the city but had access to the country also and I loved it. Ones we had an opportunity to exchange our apartment for a home with a land, but my dad did not want to take care of it.

Today I live in the country and enjoy my privacy very much. I can see the stars at night all the way around and no noise of man’s industrial sounds. I see the fields and trees and hills as it was, almost originally found and birds of many kinds they sing and fly around. And at the distance I see another house, but I’m content with that for now, because my neighbor is the best that ever could be found.  The only thing that bothers me sometimes is weather, which has no normal seasons, ever. Before my heater is shut down we turn ac on because it’s getting hot and I’m not up for that. But overall I am grateful that we found a little piece of paradise compared to big town. :)

luda123 luda123
Mar 1, 2010