Country Singer Taylor Swift?

Ok so my story is just gonna be on the cliché side, however it's something that should be pointed out. So I understand that Swift wants to change her, image, but I mean she's taking it too far! Her song I knew you were trouble makes One Direction member Harry Styles look bad. I understand her habit of writing songs about men she's dated in her country self, however she knows that pop Is way more popular that country. It sucks that she's using her revenge on these innocent men to make her more popular through pop. Anyone agrees?
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

She has written some great country songs in the past. But Red is just pure pop

She is not country in my book. Too teeny boppy. She ruins country award shows because of all the tweens and teens that vote on various media outlets. REAL country artists do not get the recognition they deserve because of this.

Yes that's VERY true! She's sooo fake in my eyes

it is great because she might get people to listen to country. I like her music ..