Why ! I Love Country Music?!

I like country music for several reasons. First of all because I can understand the words that are being sung. Second, if it's some of the older songs it may bring back good memories when I use to go out and Two-Step & waltz. I wasn't good at it but I loved it.Third I can turn up the radio in my car & sing along!

mommatrish mommatrish
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2 Responses Jun 19, 2007

I grew up in the South,I listen to radio, the main music I heard was, Blues And country, To this day I love this music..My taste in music, has brodan some what but I<br />
still Love me (SOME COUNTRY AND BLUES,")

I like country because even if you think don't like country, there is bound to be country you know that will have you tapp'n a toe or two.