All I listen to is country! I live in an area where it's all about top 40 music and rap and hip hop, but to me nothing can beat country music! There is something there for every mood. The only thing I listen to as much as I listen to country is Bon Jovi! :)

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Bon Jovi is my GOD!! LOL!! I am fairly new to Country though....I grew up listening to 50's and 60's music. I did listen to John Williamson growing up though, he was my first taste of country. I only just got into it in the past few years, and don't know why I didn't get into it sooner!! :) My favourites are Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Joe Nicols, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton................geez I could go on!! haha!! :D

I personally don't see how anyone can not like country music!, ya know. They just need to give it a chance. My hubby and I love country music too, one of my favorites is Craig Morgan! And I LOVE BON JOVI!!!!! Definitely one of the best bands ever! Xo~sugar~Xo

he sings LOTS of songs!! His first single back in 1984 was Runaway, but the single that is their anthem really is Livin' on a Prayer! They were the first band I ever loved and I will love them forever! They ROCK!! :)

What songs does Bon Jovi sing.