Just A Fantasy

I walk in the room stark naked with water dripping down my voluptuous body to you stroking your hard ****. I stop to admire your fat **** with precum dripping from it. As you slap it against your thigh, you moan and tell me to come and get it. I crawl on the bed and in between your legs. You point your **** at me and I move closer and take the thick wet head of your **** into my mouth. I slowly suck it; taking in all your sweet/sour precum. 'Mmm you taste so good baby.' I grab the base of your **** and deepthroat your juicy ****. Taking all but 3 inches of your thick ****. You breath heavy and tell me to sit on your fat ****. 'Yes daddy.' I get on top of you and rub my already wet ***** to prepare it for your big thick ****. I position my ***** over your **** and slowly sit down on your **** until it disappears in my tight little *****. 'Oohh **** daddy! You're stretching me out!' I grind your **** deeper in me then I began to ride you. I put my knees down on each side of you and bounce up and down on your ****. First slowly then faster. Your **** slams into my g-spot every time I bounce down on your ****. 'Yes daddy. This **** is so ******* good' I feel you rubbing my fat ***; pushing me down on your ****, making it dig deeper in my ***** so much so I can feel it in my chest. I feel it coming. I ride you harder and harder and harder. Now you're smacking my *** telling me how I'm your little ****. "Yes baby, I'm your ****' As my own ****** crashes down, I grab and feel on your balls. They're tight; you breathing and moaning becomes heavier. Before I know it you're pushing me off: "I want your beautiful *** in my face! Ride me that way." "Yes Daddy" I Push your hot **** deep in my ***** and began to ride your in reverse. This time I ride your face. Bouncing hard as I can! My *** is smacking against your pelvic bone,my big ******* bouncing. "I want your *** baby, *** for me.' Your moaning is heavier than before.. 'You want daddy's ***' you say as you smack my ***. "YES!' "Get off and get this *** baby' I get off your **** and get on my knees and you stroke your **** all over my **** until you spray my fat **** with your hot thick creamy ***. I scoop some up and lick it off my fingers 'mmmm thank you daddy'
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

WOW! you have some wild imagination... I likey like!

Well written! Your desc<x>ription is exactly why I love, and am a fan of, the cowgirl position. You are a woman after my own heart.