Why I Love To Do The Cowgirl Position With My Wife.

Why I love the cowgirl position? To start with, after my wife (iluvflirting) climbs aboard my **** for a ride, her beautiful **** are now staring right at me. Well my tanned wife starts riding my **** and I start rubbing her sweet dark nipples. Soon after she starts riding me, she will tell me to start pulling on her nipples. So I start pulling on them, milking them, squeezing them and twisting them. After doing this for a little while, her ***** will just all of a sudden, tense up and start contracting. Then boom it hits her, this giant ****** and she starts ******* all over my ****. And when I say *******, it is more like a flood! This goes on for a few more times but eventually she makes me stop, as her nipples just can’t take it anymore. The only bad thing about this is if we forget to put a towel down, we have one hell of a wet spot on the bed!
ohnoitsMrBill ohnoitsMrBill
51-55, M
2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Hot story . I would say she enjoys it as much as you

So happy that she is satisfied as well as you.