Yippee Kieyay, Yee Harraw!

Are these how cowboys call out when they are riding their horses?

Intriguing as it may be I started sex earlier than many, I was fourteen years old and a few days. My boyfriend then was two years older than me, and he liked to look at the Kama Sutra, and try things from that. It was interesting, and I got my *******.

The position I found good for me was cowgirl. It is where I sat on top of him, in his lap, with his penis deep up inside me, and then I could move my hips as I pleased, until finally he would come. This was a good position, since with the effects of gravity, the risks of pregnancy are lessened quite a lot. Certainly, this was the case in the five years and half we were together.

He enjoyed it because I would tighten my pelvic floor muscles around him, to stop him slipping out when I got so wet from stimulation, even overstimulation. His ***** would come out after he ********** fairly quickly, so cleaning up was easier.

It was always the position we assumed when he got close to his ***********, and the practice seemed 'profilactic'.

My new boyfriend Robert is almost a year younger than me, and although he knows how to delight me, a few times he has insisted on staying on top of me, which is far riskier, especially in what is called 'missionary position'.
Anuledroan Anuledroan
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013