I love unique ICONS/Avatars.  I must say the ICON for this group was certainly different.  I love when people spend time on their avatar whether they incorporate pix of themselves or not I love to see creativity first and foremost in an avatar.  I don't judge people by their avatar but a creative one may make me go look at their group or their profile. I am only human after all.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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LOL y'all! Thanks for your comments.

I agree. A unique avatar will take me that extra step. I'm creative and I'm looking for like minded individuals. Like yourself :~)

FG how did you get so juicy?

I usually stick with my Paul Klee. But when I go to look for a new pic, I end up spending an hour just enjoying the different images.

it's nice when people put some effort into it because it makes it easier to keep up with your friends when 15 of them don't have the same avatar!<br />
<br />
And I DEFINITELY appreciate a good avatar. I have some some HILARIOUS ones on here.

I love what you creative types can do. Me, I can build it with hammer and nail, but when it comes to computers, typing is all I can do.<br />
<br />
Myonis, thanks for reminding me of FG's boob. That was a wonderful one. I must admit, I miss it too.

oh, you're on to me c0w... <br />
fungirl, my husband thinks your boob is plenty creative.

I'm creative, but I lack the proper tools and skills. I need programs, software, appliations, my new camera, and skills, baby, skills!! I still can't get a music video to post properly. =/