They Were Right.

Usually, my wife is usually only goes for quickies, when she is not drinking. When she drinks, is when we role play and I try to push the limits on what she would except. This is how she allowed me to eat my first ******** from her.

Last night she did not drink much, and she said she did not want me to *** in her, but she wanted me to finger her til she came and said I could jerk off and *** on her ***. She said that she wanted it to be easy to clean herself up. But as I was fingering her, she said that she needed more and wanted me to *** in her. I told her OK and that I will help clean her up after I came. Without hesitation she agreed. After we both came she, moved over and spread her legs to allow me to enjoy. Like the last time, I licked and used my fingers to get all the *** out of her as I could.

Those that enjoy creampies, said that once you have one from a women, more will follow, and they are right. Next time going to have her sit on my face to ensure I can get all of it.
depmortis depmortis
41-45, M
Dec 6, 2012