My First ********

ell we had talked about it a few times and she always was kind of quiet when I mentioned her ******* some other guy. Then one night she said I'm gonna make your dream come true. Shortly after that we hooked up with this guy she found on the Internet. We got a room and had an evening planned out. he showed up at the door and my wife said what do I do? She jumped up and let him in and gave him big kiss. We talked for a min. Then we all went out to a ***** club. We all enjoyed ourselves a bit and my wife was catching good buzz. That's wen I kept telling her to do something so she started rubbing his **** through his jeans. I could see her getting all horny. Soon we left and the hotel is like 15 min away well, he got in the back seat by himself so she leaned over and asked if she could suck his ****. I'm like OK I guess if you can't wait well she had his **** in her mouth in an instant.

We got to the room and he sat in a chair first and my wife started sucking his **** again.After a few minutes of that she got on the bed and he started licking her *****. I t was so nice to watch. Pretty soon he climbed on top of her and started ******* her, he ****** her good for 10 min or so and I was waiting for my turn she was so wet and I could almost *** just watching her and hearing her moan. He rolled off her and I got on top of her, ****** her for a min then I decided to lick her freshly ****** *****, that's when I found out he had already came in her. I kind of freaked but kept licking and cleaned her ***** up, just to **** it again. I came too and crashed out beside her. I woke up an hour later to them two ******* again. I tell you it was one of the greatest nights ever.

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OMG I have such a stiffy

Very very nice. I'm begging my wife to do the same, but she's such as ******* prude. You're a lucky guy.