I Love Making Accessories !

I love everything that has to do with crafts! Especially accessories and jewelry. I started out when I was still in grade school. I was fond of those big plastic beads (toy beads actually, that usually come in sets LOL ) and colorful strings that you can buy anywhere. When I got into high school, a friend taught me how to make jewelry that looks expensive with all those glass beads and wires and faux swarovski and stuff. She told me a place that sells all those stuff. I was more fond of it since then. Now that i'm in college, i'm planning to make it into a lucrative hobby . Whenever i wear accessories that i make, i get good comments from my classmates because the stuff that i love to do are things that aren't quite the usual jewelry. I love reconstructing common things into something that's really cool ! and i saw this site: craftster.org where they have forums and tutorials on very cool stuff! from clothes to handbags and purses, jewelry, knitting, glass art and so much more. I really love it!
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18-21, F
Jun 2, 2007