Creative Absurdity

I love neologisms. They feel like vibrant nuggest of linguistic meaning - dynamic adaptations of communication. I don't invent totally new-sounding words, I simply take existing words and combine or convert them into something new. I use these neologisms intuitively now as it has become so natural to just combine words. At first people don't quite understand what I'm talking about, but after a single usage of a neologism people always understand completely. I don't use them to be egotistical and 'cool', as if I were inventing my own language, but it IS cool when people start using a word you made up =D  

I think there is something quite beautiful in neologisms. They are like hyper-personal kernels of language, formulated from someone's natural thought processes and converted into a function communicative tool. Naturally, I love nonsense poems, like "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll and of course the limericks of Edward Lear.

Neologisms ftw <3
CrabnPickle CrabnPickle
18-21, M
Mar 13, 2011