With Just A White Piece Of Paper..

Its so good when a blank piece of paper can take you to the moon, find love and romance, get someone to kiss your neck, go anywhere in the world, where pigs & elephants can fly.

I can write about anything really, I love poetry and short stories. I love to bounce ideas off people, but if anyone is having trouble with an idea I would love to try and help, I am pretty good at finding new and different ideas.

jackplug jackplug
41-45, M
2 Responses May 9, 2010

piggies and elephants flying? yeehawwww

why cant piggies & elephants fly, why cant hippos read on a deckchair while sat near their pool with a diving board, you never see crocodiles without their false teeth ;) You never rode an elephant while flying upside down, tut youve never lived!! :D

Hmmmm, well perhaps we need to chat some day and bounce some ideas off of each other....I find at times my creative side is stalled due to my life's challenges......why is it that pesky life keeps getting the way of my writing!?! Dang life!!