Kurt Russels Biography But Not Really.

The moon falls just like the spirits of Owasis and Jamie. They're stuck in the pernicious blizzard and questioning their chance at survival. With the troubles weighing on their minds, they finally fall asleep. Owasis feared he wouldn't wake. In his sleep Owasis dreamed of walking in a forest familiar to him, he came upon a bush only to see it rustle, he investigated the rustling, and a dark figure flew out awakening him. Owasis woke to find Jamie startled as well. “ I dreamt of such a rustling, but I was unable to figure out what the rustling was” Owasis told Jamie. Jamie looked at him and said “I had a similar dream, rustle and all, but in my dream a crow came out of the bush.”
“A crow caused the rustle?” Owasis asked “ A crow. “ Jamie replied. Then all of the sudden The Academy award winner Russel Crowe stumbled unto their pathetic camp. The boys were surprised to say the least. Russel wasted no time in giving them small rations and explaining in a forceful matter “ I'm part of a celebrity effort to search for you children, I was separated from my group of Kurt Russel, Sheryl Crow.... And Bono. The whole country knows of you boys and is worried. You can't turn your head without seeing your ugly mugs on milk cartons and bus stations”. The scared and confused young men sat in disbelief only to be interrupted by the actors muscular arms heaving each of them over his shoulders. They were on their way to safety. Russel, being an actor, sensed their fear and hopelessness. So he began to sing. He sang an old Australian folk ditty. And did a jig. That's when things went down hill... literally. His voice sounded like sandpaper wrapped in velvet. His baritone voice calmed the boys as it echoed off the mountain tops, which caused an avalanche. Russel didn't seem to be frightened as the wall of snow consumed the three forcing them to tumble violently ripping them apart as the fell down the rocky decline. Jamie forced his was out of the snow once everything settled. He looked over a small drift to see a the slumped body of their savior, their new friend, the academy award winner Russel Crow. Using every bit of strength, Jamie trudged to Russel. There was blood pouring from his head. He had bonked his head in the fall. “ Oh my God, Mr Crow! I think you bonked your head!” Just then, Owasis forced his way to the scene, screaming “ Please tell me he didn't bonk his head!” “He bonked his head alright.” Jamie confirmed. Russel looked at the panicking boys, and in a calm tone told them “ Boys, I bonked my head good this time.” He chuckles. The boys begin to cry. “Don't leave us Russel” Russel looked at Owasis as if Jamie wasn't present and said.” I may have bonked my head, but don't bonk your hope.” With that, he breathed his last Australian breath and died. The two were surrounded by a profound silence. Jamie slowly backs away as Owasis silently said an old native American saying and closed the actors eyes. “Why did he say that just to Owasis” Jaime thought to him self. Night was falling and the only sound to be heard was the sound of their stomachs growling. The two boys talked of needing food desperately. They then looked down simultaneously at the deceased academy award winning actor. They began to devour. They became animal like and more intense as the body was ripped apart. In an unknown amount of time the body was gone, and they were satisfied. They looked at where he once lied to see nothing at all, not even blood or an indentation. “Was it all an illusion they wondered”. Not only was their tummy's full, but so was their ambition, strength and inspiration to trek on. It didn't matter if it he was real or not at this point, because they were able to walk for miles. They kept walking without saying a word until all of a sudden they see what they thought was Kurt Russel, but in a matter of seconds the snow cleared to reveal that it was not the crappy actor Kurt Russel, but it was the infamous bear they had encountered before. They froze. They were not scared, they knew what to do, almost as if it was a part of them all along, almost as if consuming Russel Crow gave them his remarkable acting ability. Very much unlike Kurt Russel's acting. Jamie suggested that they act to being dead, Owasis had another idea. They would act like bears. So they roared and crawled around. The bear was convinced, with what you would say was an Academy award winning performance, and invited them along. The boys hoped this bear would protect them and lead them to something familiar, like their home turf. So for days they acted like the bears, they hunted with the bears, they slept with the bears, they wrestled with the bears, they thought, looked, smelled, laughed, cried, argued, criticized Kurt Russel's acting , and just lived like the bears. Weeks went passed. The boys never separated but they stopped talking. They had a quiet bear understanding. One day, Leader Bear, named Marcus, brought them to a cabin. They slowly sniffed their way around the doors and windows. Both boys recognized this cabin and woods. It was, at one point, their home. It seemed like eons ago. They were still hesitant as they followed Marcus carefully around the property. Then from the corner of the house a bearded fellow shot two warning shots in the air. Marcus took off towards the forest. The boys stood alone. They looked at the house, then to Marcus running away. A Third warning shot, and the to boys ran to folllow Marcus into the woods. Forever to remain bears.
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Apr 7, 2012