The Story Of Chronos

Born at the height of the the cliffs, Chronos was blessed by the Gods with time. Indeed, he had the power to slow and quicken time which he used for mischief as a small boy. Not being a fan of winter, he would slow down summer but learned this had dire effects in Atlantis, the farms stopped yielding food and the mountains would run dry of water. So, in youth, he started to interfere with time in more scandalous ways in speeding warring states to confront each other more quickly and fiercely in battle and then watch from the cliffs. Although the people of Atlantis knew of Chronos they considered him devious and a trickster, not to be trusted. But as an adult, he knew he had to do something in order to gain positive recognition for his abilities.

From the heavens, he visited Atlantis and saw the people struggling to build their kingdoms and the great labour to create armies to defend their precious cities. He devised a way to help the people to speed the construction of homes, farms, even armies. Keres and Cassandra spoke to Chronos and blessed him for his good will. Chronos would provide the citizens of Atlantis with gifts of time to speed their journey.

Centuries passed. Something had changed; the citizens of Atlantis had learned to harness the elements of mountains, forests, lakes and plains to create powerful dragons which they could train to defend their nations or attack others. Billions would die at the claws of these mighty dragons. It was rumoured that the four tribes met to present dead offerings to the Gods. The Zolmecs brought the skeletal tail of a a wind dragon. The Amazons presented the spine of a dead wind dragon. The Primuses gave the head of a fire dragon. The Solarians brought the talons of a stone dragons. In their prayers for peace, something quite opposite happened. From the offerings came the wraith dragon blessed with dark energies and the power of death.

But the creation of the wraith dragon did something that no God could predict. The four tribes found peace another way. These warring tribes communicated with each other and joined to form powerful alliances assisting each other in battles and times of growth when cities were still young, weak, and vulnerable; their differences put aside and reach common goals. The Gods could not be happier with such progress.

Chronus decided to bless the citizens of Atlantis further. He recognized Alliance members treat each other, and speak, with respect and dignity. Returning to the place of his birth at the tops of the cliffs he decided present a gift once again to help them grow and become more powerful within their alliances. Keres and Cassandra blessed him once again for his good will. Together, they devised a core created by the power of the cliffs where Chronos was born to provide technology, resources, and advancement as well as a winged guardian to protect these gifts.
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Dec 19, 2012