Here's a short story I wrote last year.

The sweaty palm of his hand crushed my dainty fingers. My new engagement ring stabbed into my soft flesh, reminded me of a lost love. That's what it was -- love lost.

A stranger clenched my hand with ferocity -- his eyes burned with malice. A stranger stared me down with this overpowering, dangerous lust. Where was his gentle touch? Where did that former man hide? Gone, lurking in the abyss of his soul, fading away to never be seen again.

Hope crushed. All my dreams fleeted away so quickly as he grabbed me by the waist. Is the man I thought I knew a maniac?

It seemed silly to be heartbroken rather than terrified as he ripped at my dress, the dress he gifted to me when we explored the quaint, picturesque shopping plazas of a village to which our wanderlust once led us. It seemed silly to be heartbroken rather than horrified as I stood there unclothed and defenseless.

'Where did he go?' I kept thinking. More concerned for the man I lost than what this new man may do to me.

Will be come back? And if he did, will this maniac disappear? Or continue to lurk behind his true identity?

Hope, love, security -- lost.

The tears that streamed down my face for him refreshed my hot flesh.

"Honey, baby, are you okay? Why are you acting this way? What happened? Tell me. I love you still. I always will. You don't have to do this...," I muttered over and over again as he meticulously scanned my body.

"I want you to be okay," I plead.

Then I saw the knife.

That's all. :) Found it and wanted to share. Never took it further, just had my fun with it!
chasinglesun chasinglesun
22-25, F
Sep 1, 2014