A young boy named Lewis suffered with terrible nightmares, therefor felt he had to sleep in his mum's bed. 

One night, it must have been about 2am, when Lewis found himself being woken up in a sleepy state to the sound of screaming and blood-curdling crying that seemed to be echoing.

He immediately sat up, looked to his right and saw that his mother wasn't there. He straight away got a rush of confusion and anxiety, before walking out into the hallway.

He slowly walked and then stood, listening to the extreme crying which was seemingly coming from the bathroom.

He slowly walked towards the bathroom, his little lungs breathing heavily.

He saw that the door was shut, so he grabbed the handle and slowly opened. "Mum?" he said, but there was no answer.

He suddenly heard a loud choking/gagging noise and walked into the bathroom. 

To his absolute shock and fright, he saw his mother's head in the sink, no sight of her body, just her head with a dark, bloody bit where her neck used to be attached. 

Lewis vomited and cried, shaking in complete shock and devastation.

Suddenly, a very disturbing laugh echoed through the bathroom, followed by a completely psychotic voice, "You shouldn't have slept facing the other way.." 

This is my own Creepypasta but don't think it's scary in the slightest but I'll leave you to decide. Be respectful though as I'm not used to writing these kinds of stories and have trouble coming up with ideas.
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2 Responses Aug 17, 2014

I love short and sweet stories like this. It sets up the mood, builds up the suspense, and then ends on a really dark and creepy note. Really good writing! Keep it up :)

Twas a funny story, now I at least know what creepypasta is.

What way do you suggest I face when sleeping? :P