Muttiah Muralitharan

Test cricket bids farewell to the legend that is 'Murali', the Sri Lankan wizard, greatest wicket taker in test match cricket, 800 and out! A legend, a colossus, a genius, and  by all accounts, a lovely man, who has worked tirelessly for victims of the tsunami in 2004, and other humanitarian causes. Along with Shane Warne, the two greatest bowlers in the history of the game. We won't see his like again, so I salute him!

Thank you, Murali.

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I have seen him when he visited England. I recall 1998, how he spun is wizardry on us. Gentle and let his bowling do the talking<br />
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Thank you for your comments and the link, which illustrated that all bowlers have a degree of arm bend. After getting the usual 'chucker' comment from the individual below, it was refreshing to read your comment. He is a true gentleman and a genius.

Murali never had a bad word to say about anyone. I once watched a documentary/report where he runs an orphanage and that touched me.

Yes, and he's done a lot for Tamil-Sinhalese relations in Sri Lanka as well. A great man in more ways than one.

Yes, hehe :-)

alish, yes he did that to England quite frequently too :-) What a magnificent bowler he was.

hth13, sigh, this is one of the accusations that has dogged him due to his arm disability. The tests on him revealed that almost certainly NO bowler has ever bowled with a straight arm, which lead to the ICC officially allowing 15 degrees bend, which Murali passed. You do not get 800 Test wickets through chucking a ball, you get it by being a genius. It was in his wirst action, and constantly inventing new types of ball to bowl (he is a master of the doosra, for example), and by psychologically getting into the heads of your opponents. All the greats of the game attest to his genius, including his biggest rival, Shane Warne, who is effusive in his praise fot Murali. The accusations are stuff and nonsence.<br />
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CC, yes, I love cricket too, and pla<x>yers like Murali turn it into art. :-)

I wonder why many spin bowlers do not expose their elbow as Murali did. very strange too.

I don't like cricket, uh uh! I LOVE IT! X@