Can you imagine an ongoing Cricket World Cup without England? Do you think that this World Cup would have been interesting if not for them? Absolutely never, They never once failed to entertain the spectators with their unpredictable performances. They can win a game from jaws of a defeat, at the same time they can loose a game unexpectedly.Hope this World Cup will be a memorable one for them a tournament to cherish for long time. : ) i
neeran neeran
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4 Responses Mar 22, 2011

Sri Lanka will beat the Kiwis without any hiccups and reach the final. Ha ha.... Now they'll have to wait till their neighbors clash each other. SL vs India or Pakistan : )

Very sad indeed, Total surrender.... They outplayed fair and square.

so sad to see England out of worldcup.

You know mostly it's the apparently losing team that win WC. 1992 Pak. 1999 Aus. *thinks her stats are correct* :P So, you never know if Englishmen take the title. But I so hope for a SL vs. Pak final, so that I can cheer it both ways :)