Today Is The Day To Love The Game

Lets be honest: I'm not your regular cricket fan. I don't know all the jargon, i don't know all the players' names, i hate the many troubles my side, the Pakistani team, faces. Usually i'm not even a bit interested in any match and agree with Hitler that its a total waste of time(
This is probably because of me being a bad player, to be very honest)


Today is the biggest match of this worldcup. The worldcup semifinal between India and Pakistan.
Because first of all, both nations simply are cricket crazy.

Plus, Anybody who does not live under a rock knows the history of the tensions between the two nations so the players play for national pride. No wonder people are calling it "The Mother of all Battles" lol.

The Cricket Diplomacy: Today is not the first time both the heads of states have decided to resume peace talks over a cricket match.

Plus, its the worldcup,

Plus, Pakistani side has been under fire from the spot fixing scandal of last year,

Plus, Pakistan hasn't been hosting any matches due to the safety situation and if we win this cup, maybe we can get matches played here.

Plus, because i painted a flag over my friend B's arm from a free face painting stall with all the loud music and stuff.

Plus because all the theatres are showing the match today.

Plus because it was a half working day in the country.. offically.

get it?
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6 Responses Mar 30, 2011

The better team won.

Aww thank you moonii, Floydess.<br />
<br />
We lost, India won! They deserved it. Somebody had to lnse and at least we tried till the end. :)<br />
<br />
<br />
*hugs all the other Pakistani fans*<br />
<br />
It was an awesome night though. This whole experience. I went two streets down and there were motorbikes blocking the street and an audience assembled around a screen(which was a plain sheet put on a shop shutter) and a projecter mounted on an old refrigerator in the middle of the street. People were standing(like me, B and my little bro) or sitting down or sitting on their bikes. People danced and clapped and roared their bikes and raised slogans of "jeetay ga bhai jeetay ga, pakistan jeetay ga"(it'll win man, it'll win, pakistan will win) at every shot. I loved being with all the crazy, dancy, painted crowd. There was so much noise and fun, i guess thats what going to a concert or to a live match would be sim├Člar to?<br />
Or Not coz there was a man with a revolver who used to fired in the air too and a shell dropped on my shirt and one hit my little bro(he pocketed it, being such a fan of guns etc. lol).<br />
<br />
Of course winning would've been awesome but it was an unforgettable experience nevertheless.

haha..same here i dont have any interest in cricket but today its like war between paki and india...<br />
yay Pakistan..pakistan will Rock inshAllah..i am wearing green clothes and have painted paki flag on my hand:D

It can be a tie Jersey, but that wouldn't be fun.<br />
:D Don't worry.<br />
<br />
<br />
Ooh Darkangel the cheerleader! <br />
<br />
Floydess i don't know, they've all painted "boom boom" over themselves here...<br />
go pakistan is good. or maybe pakistan zindabad or pakistan jeetay ga

I'm rooting for Pakistan. :D Goooo Pakistan! <br />
<br />
*^(^.^)^* <--- See, I've got pom-poms and everything. XD

Awww Floydess, thats nununess! knew you'd be! want me to paint your hands, face, nails(jk, jk)? <br />
<br />
SM, thanks so much.<br />
<br />
anyway, i just got the permission to watch the rest of the match on a big screen some streets away, same place where there was the painting stall. :D