5 Obvious Reasons

After closely scrutinizing England's performances in the sub-continent I've found out 5 obvious reasons for their pathetic show. Yes, They are a dominant side when there is some pace and swing in the wicket, But when they travel to Asia they falter very badly,So the reasons are.

1) They were more concerned about their weaknesses to handle spin rather than focusing on the oppositions weaknesses even before a beginning of a tour to the Sub-Continent.

2) After their arrival to the Sub-Continent they often complains about the heat, We seldom hear from the Asian teams about the coldness in UK while on a tour. So it's a mental aspect. They start to find reasons even before a start of a test series.

3) They tend to accept their fate so easily and that's a comprehensive defeat.

4) Even though there wasn't any prodigious turn in the pitch their batsmen were very reluctant to play on the front foot to smother even little bit spin.

5) They never learn the art of using their feet against the spinners.

I was really surprised how come England became world's No 1 test team with all these above mentioned weakness mentally and skillfully, Though they're physically a strong side. England should rectify these weaknesses as quickly as possible if they don't test cricket will die very soon.: (
neeran neeran
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2 Responses Mar 29, 2012

Hehe... They won't listen to an Asian man who's without even a first class career record.

You have missed your calling, my friend. The English Cricket team definitely needs a new manager!