Vale Neil Adcock

The former South African test fast bowler Neil Adcock has died aged 81. He was suffering from cancer and as happens so often pneumonia got him in the end.

From the early 1950s through 1962, I think it was, he played 26 tests, taking 104 wickets at 21. His first class career reaped the reward of over 400 wickets at 17. He was quite some bowler.

He teamed with another good quick named Peter Heine to make one of that golden era's pairs of great new ball bowlers: for England: Tyson & Statham, Statham & Trueman; Australia: Lindwall, Miller, Davidson & Archer; West Indies: Hall & Griffith.

Modestly I can add that I have immortalised Adcock and Heine by naming characters in my novel The Theory of Relativity, after them. Published May 2012 on amazon Kindle. You can see it here:
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I do follow cricket closely. I have to say that I had not given much thought to Neil. Thank you for the tribute. I have personally me Wes Hall in addition to meeting the West Indian team late 1980's and early 1990's. I have autographed hats of Richards and Richardson along with pictures taking the Walsh, Patterson, Richards and Richards.