Cricket Fan!!

Cricket is a bat-and-ball sport played on a grass field, contested by two teams with eleven players each. Cricket has been an established team sport for hundreds of years. It originated in its modern form in England and is the second most popular sport in the world.

Candita Candita
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8 Responses Jul 15, 2007

I love cricket and love my ICC ranked 48th Bahamas national cricket team :P

Apart from Bahamas you should have a favorite team, don't you?

Niether :) are u into cricket?

R u an Australian or British?

:P yeah well we'll see what happens in this series with India, 2nd match is tonight (well, night for me anyway)....i'm sure the Aussies will want revenge ;)

I know the Aussies got rolled, but T/20 is a bit of a slogfest rather than a strategic game of cricket. Good fun to watch though.<br />
<br />
BTW Bret Lee was the first bowler to get a hat-trick in T/20, but I'm sure you already knew that ;)

Second most popular? Well with a billion Indians, most cricket mad I'm not surprised.

I would think it is too but I suppose everyones' opinion may differ :)

Ive always wanted to learn more about cricket. And Im curious is futbol the most popular sport in the world. ?? I would think so.