First of all, i'm very surprised that this is such a small group. Where are all the cricket fans? Hello, it's 2010. With so much exciting cricket going on this week, i wish more people would talk abt it. Anyway, i am A.) thrilled for sachin being the only man in HISTORY to score a double century in ODI. (even though it was against my boys) B.) happy SOUTH AFRICA could salvage some pride in that final ODI (even though they lost the series), C.) really enjoyed the new zealand / australia game this morning. i'll support anyone australia plays against (haha) but thought the game was spectacular magic. mccullum was amazing and i had never seen a tie breaker played out in cricket before (newbie) and finally, D.) am currently watching the west indies vs. zim game hoping that zim can kick some high class international team ***. i got stuck supporting this team in a bet i just made with a friend, and i am now stunned to see that zim could actually win this. shock shock, horror horror...i just summarized a whole weekend of cricket in one hoping other people will share their more qualified opinions hehe
TheRealMimi TheRealMimi
31-35, F
Feb 28, 2010