It's Just Not, Hang On, Yes It Is!

When I was a child I didn't understand it, couldn't tell my silly mid off from my short leg, but down the years I came to appreciate its many nuances, and I love it unashamedly:)

I like all forms, but the Test is still the true, well, test. A five day test gives space for the drama to unfold, and the artists to display their skills. The derring-do of Ian Botham (strictly speaking, as he's retired, it should be derring-did, lol) and the other great English all-rounder of the last 30-odd years, Andrew Flintoff (he touched greatness too fleetingly, but tougched it nonetheless), the majesty of Sachin Tendulkar, the awe inspiring batting of Viv Richards (the greates batsman I've ever seen), the mesmerising bowling of Shane Warne (ditto), the elegance of Kumar Sangakkara, they are all heroes to me.


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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

bf, it certainly is! I do hope you get the football bug too, I have always loved football, cricket has become my mistress, I cannot resist her myriad charms lol :) Seriously, though I love all forms of the game, the test is the true test of a cricketers skill. The test offers the chance for almost any result to unfurl. You get to see the skill of the pla<x>yers, as they adapt to different situations. The rain is infuriating, I agree grrr!!

wow. nice stuff. the tests do seem to separate the true cricket fans from the quick fix junkies lol. i am not an age old fan of the game. in 2003 (i hope thats right) when south africa was hosting the cricket world cup, i taught myself the game from scratch coz i wanted to be excited about the cup being in my country (i'm feeling the same thing now about the soccer, although it seriously bores me to death). i had always been one of those ppl who complained about cricket and hated when they would replace a whole 5 day of tv programming for it. lol. but since then i really fell in love. and i love the tests just as much as the odi's or 20/20's. what i hate though is the rain!!! can sometimes spoil a good match...other then that i'm proud to be a growing, learning cricket fan. it's a great