Law And Order And Cops

I have always like crime shows like Law and Order (the original, SVU, and Criminal Intent) and Cops.
What I like about Law and Order is that they usually portray current social issues. I have watched an episode about child abuse. I have seen an episode about "gay bashing". I have even seen an episode that was about the flawed way the justice system handles transgender individuals.
I like Special Victims Unit because it also shows issues that society is currently facing. It shows how horrible the act of child victimization can be and the incredible damage that rape can cause. I also like how they show that the justice system does not always help. I like this because it lets people know that things need to change. We need stiffer laws governing sexual predators and the punishments they get. I have seen more than one episode were they address the fact that pedophiles and rapists can't be rehabilitated.
With Criminal Intent it's more that I love the character Goren. I am a major Vincent D'Onofrio fan. The first character that I watched him play was in Full Metal Jacket. He was the character that I identified with the most. I have tried to follow his career since then. I do think that it's a good show. I like how it shows how hard it can be to deal with a family member with a mental illness (it doesn't mean that you don't love them, it just makes life a little more complicated).
I like Cops because it shows criminals at least being removed from the streets. It also helps to give people an idea of what it's like to be a cop. I don't think that most people understand how hard it can be. They can pull someone over for something as simple as a broken tail light and get shot. Yet they are usually given very little respect. I bet that most people don't know that police officers, paramedics/EMTs, fire fighters, and prison guards are five times more likely to have insomnia and depression then the average citizen. I truly respect these individuals for being willing to take on this burden to help other people.
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