I Was At His 1000th Show, And His Birthday Show, And He Kissed Me

My parents shocked me with a trip to Vegas. They were going to surprise me with Criss Angel tickets but that was the first thing out of my mouth then I heard Vegas. I decided to pay for the best seats possible. The second row. The show was absolutely amazing. Half way through the show he goes "you know, I'm not married, I'm not engaged, I don't even have a girlfriend. Are there any single girls out there?" So I start screaming raising my hands, my mom was screaming for me too. He came over and said "how old are you?" so I answered "I'll be 20 this month." he said "will you sign a pre-nup?" and laughed a little. I said sure. Then he said "Can I have a kiss?" I said yes, and he leaned over the first row and kissed me on the lips. It was just a peck, but he did kiss me. He then noticed Miss Nevada, and asked her to kiss him ON THE CHEEK.... and he kissed her forehead. I was the only one he kissed on the lips during the show. It basically made my life. I still can't believe Criss Angel kissed me!
abandonxhope abandonxhope
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WAW, :) you are so lucky.!