I Was Raised On Magik!

When I was a young lad In used to sit front stage amazed by Blackstone SR. and later by Blackstone JR....then by Mark Wilson, then Doug Henning (MAGIC CAT TOUR Tucson, Arizona)then by David Copperfield then Siegfrieg and Roy and FINALLY by the AWESOMENESS of the EXTREME CRISS ANGEL!!!!!!!!not to mention my mentor the late magician the amazing Chauntain, who helped me learn magic and to keep a secret! IF you too can really keep a secret you have the potential to be a magician too!

TacoTuesday TacoTuesday
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4 Responses May 1, 2007

Yes, secrets. Angel brings magic to the world and has a hip style. But the greats were great. Angel is good for magic but i prefer classic sleight of hand.

OK, you just said the CHRIS word. He is not only my favorite magician, but he is also a member of my cast.

Yes, I just love all magicians, can't remember their names unless I see/hear them...there are severaql female magicians that are quite astounding also! TT

I love Criss Angel he is awesome! I would love to see him in person. I can't believe some of the stuff he does it really freaks me out! I have seen David Copperfield at Caesars Palace and he put on an incredible show! I love Magic also. Do you like David Blaine?