My Ode Entitled Crop Circle Crazy

Crop Circle Crazy
This is a rhyme about Wilts hire, near Avebury
Where everyone is crop circle crazy
People come from far away lands
Find crop circles, in them they stand

When a new one appears on the land
Off they go to find them and stand
One thing must be strong: Curiosity
make a pilgrimage to crop circle country

To those who have a fascination with
Crop circles, ever wondered what gives?
Why your fascination is running wild with
Sci-fi, the strange, the cosmic: All of it

Betting it's because you're a starseed
An experiment with a cosmic family
Have managed your life from birth till now
Taken aboard ship, wondering how?

Pleiadians, Andromedans, Sirians, planets
Ten percent of people here are cosmic
Experiments from many miles away
Of which most are quite friendly

Occasionally you get a bad bunch who
Do nothing but bad things to you
Messing with you any chance they get
To mess up your life or your head

Please ask yourself, is this you?
Have you had a life real screwed?
Then chances are you have a cosmic family
Not very nice, treating you like a toy

All you have to do to get rid of those
Is to state clearly you don't want
To be an experiment any more
The divine will hear you and know the score

But for those whose lives are peachy
Chances are, your star family friendly
So buy the pleidian workbook today
And work through exercises every day

If your cosmic family are super friendly
They can do loads of good things for you
Re-patterning your brain like a dolphin
Loads more, don't be afraid to ask them

And you will be taken aboard ship soon
This time yo u will remember it too
cosmic family will have this done to them
Tho funny to think of yourself: experiment
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

your spirit in a previous life made a pact
with your cosmic family, thats a fact
certain races here were invited to seed
and there the ones with cosmic family
your 15 grams of spirit inside you
possibly managed by a cosmic crew
ask a pendulum to be sure too
can get the name spelt out for you