Sometimes I Am One

  I have for many years enjoyed dressing up.  When I was young my brother made me dress up to humiliate me and paraded me in front of my family.  While this was humilating it also was fun to dress up.  I began dressing in my mom's or sister's clothes when I was alone.  It was not sexuall it just felt good. 

After I got married my wife for awhile would by me panties to wear and for several years that is all I wore.  Than one day she wanted to see me all dressed up and together we worked on it.  She applied makeup and a wig she had borrowed.  When we got done I looked really good, maybe to good.  My wife liked the way I looked and said so, but after that we never went back to that.  She eventually got rid of the panties and I went back to briefs.

Now years later I still enjoy occasionally dressing up and have discovered that I enjoy seeing other guys who are dressed up.  Not the guys who are way out there, but the guys who dress like a normal women.  It seems they are attractive in a different way than a women would be.  I still like women and looking at them, I just wish that I would stop thinking that I would like to wear what they are wearing.

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I have dressed en fem part time all my life. just over 2 yrs ago I started living full time as a woman and dating men. I am now very comfortable as Alycee. I wear the type of normal clothing expected of a 50s woman. But behind closed doors with a lovely man I can get slutty.

My particular situation is way more complicated. But thank you for the encouragement.

It is always a part of you.Being a CD I can tell you that it does not go away.<br />
I love women and I love to **** and suck them all but I also love to dress and smell like a woman.<br />
Be yourself. Let go and enjoy being a girl that likes girls.<br />
Louise CD

You are quite right, Transithose.<br />
<br />
We are in winter here, and I have just been to the bigbox sale and bought a quite conservative black skirt, the first feminine outerware.<br />
<br />
Somehow, it is so nice to wear, and take photos of.<br />
I hadn't seen your avitar, but your clothes coloring and your stance is so similar to what i have posted on my profile.<br />
<br />
Amazing !<br />
<br />
I just wish i had the courage to wear it to town.<br />
<br />
Cheers to you<br />
<br />

You are right, i think I'd like to meet other guys in lingerie, that aren't too "out there"<br />
Funny thing, I really wouldn't mind sucking a not too big **** to a climax, cos I really like the afterfeel of my own *** in my mouth. <br />
But I don't fancy kissing one of those stereotype gay guys with the big mustaches.<br />
How do you feel about all that?<br />
Do we just stick with enjoying the lovely feel of satin on our bodies by ourselves?<br />
<br />
Cheers<br />

I am not so young anymore into my 40s and I have many different personalities and some like to dress and others find it really annoying or just flat out wrong. If you have not encountered anyone with Disassociated idenity disored it is hard to explain.