Cross Dressing For Fun

Growing up I had experimented with cross dressing....time passed and I met a woman who encoraged me to cross dresss.  I went and purchased some clothes but we never got together enough to fulfill the fantasy....Now divorced and with a new lady in my life, I recently revealed that I like to wear womens clothes just for fun.   Not only was she surprised, but she even wanted to help me achieve my goal!  How cool is that?
Yesterday I ventured out and purchased a few things....High heels from payless because they carry largers sizes, I bought a night gown that could double as dress and three pairs of panties that are sexy as they are comfortable and I can share with my girlfirend.
When my girlfriend get together, we are going shopping and I cannot wait.  She wants me to dress up and for us to make love.  That is the the most amazing sexual excperience of a lifetime....she accepts me and wants me to fulfil my desires just as I want to ful fill hers and I am open minded and easy to please.
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9 Responses Jul 26, 2010

I have been with my wife for twelve years and the first two years our relationship would be considered traditional. I sould mention that in my early years i would put on my mothers slips and ********** while thinking i was a woman. Back to my wife we began playing domination games and gradually they became more than games until she became my 24/7 mistress and ended all sex with me because she decided i was her sissy slave. First i was made to wear panties 24/7 and than bras. Know all my clothing is female though many of my shirts jeans and shorts can pass for male. But we both know what they are and that i am nolonger a man but a ***** ***** and a slave

Thats the life, find a woman, who have enough intelligent to realize, you are what you are, help you and love you. I happy for you!

You are very lucky, my wife doesn't understand my need to cross dress so I have to do it in secret

you are very ;ucky

You go, Girl1...Fantasy or not, you are happy!...Say G'day to that partner of yours!...You are SO Lucky!

That is the kind of woman all us sissies want to meet, You are a lucky gurl!

It's great when you have someone who love and accept the part of you that make you who you are

Have a blast, Michelle! And, post a photo or two, if you can. We'd love to see your girl friend, too, of course, but that's between you two.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing.

That's amazing that she's so open minded! Have fun :D