Cross-dressers Are Cool

I want to meet a cross-dresser someday. And I sorta want to dress up as a guy once, just to see what it's like. I wonder if I'd be a cute guy..

Anyways, yeah cross-dressers are cool. But, if you don't mind my asking, why do you think people are cross-dressers?
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TOO bad you don't live near mre you can see first hand a real cross dresser that you can also cross dress to your own delite!

To answer your question "why are people cross dressers?" Simple it has to do with the level of masculinity or femininity in a person whether male or female we all can stand on a line closer to one then the other. Women "cross dress" almost everyday. But with men that's taboo. We only call it cross dressing because men can't be feminine or pretty. sadly some men feel that way but are told to adhere to strict social guidelines forced on them, very much the same way strict guidelines where forced on women.

I would love to friend u send me a message

And you are just TOO KUUL to recognize it at your age. You will be killicious in 10 years :)!

Wow - simple question but no easy answer as I guess we are all different. Tonight, for example, I have come home from work and with some new stuff that just arrived today, have made myself into what is certainly the most feminine persona I have managed for a long time. There is little left that is male; I have control underwear on, pretty bra, pantyhose, dress, a lovely blonde wig, make up and heels. (the heels, wig and some of my lingerie are new. Now I know that I couldn't pass, but right now, that doesn't matter. I feel wonderful and feminine; I smell gorgeous (with some new body spray) and just feel sexy. None of those feelings are possible as a male. Everything feels amazing to wear and blissful as things rub against each other - my bodycon dress, sheer pantyhose etc.. I it feels so natural too. Well that's my answer for tonight ;)
Take care.

I cross-dress, wearing womans clothes because that is the way I feel inside and it fits the way I feel. Some do it just because they like the fit and feel of the clothes, but some of us do it because we are transgendered, like I am.

I dress because it is the only way i feel normal.Iwas never comfortable wearing jeans as a young child I always dreamed of wearing pretty dresses like the girls i swa had on.

Every one is conceived in the womb as a woman ie has a vagina. The hormones are thrown together helter skelter. Those that are to be males the vagina closes and their male part is formed.

Because of the way women's clothes feel