My Latina Gf

Several years ago in Houston TX I met a crossdresser at a gay bar and we met semi-secretly for the 2 years I was there. She had a 4" **** that I loved to suck. She could flirt like a **** then be ******** and bent over in 5 sec or and loved to talk dirty like in **** films - but realistic. I think about her a lot when I am ************. Nice piece of ***! We'd go out late night to eat and drunk straight guys would try to pick her up. She was fine!
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I was ******* to a video that reminded me of her and I remembered that she worked in a hospital and always wore panties, ph, teddy or something sexy under her scrubs. She would come over at all hours (after work) but she always had something sexy on. She never understood why I enjoyed pleasing her. She would do anything I wanted so I reciprocated. Some CDs (and women) can be total, perfect ***** - but some never really get it.

My friend that sounds like a lot of fun!!! You are a lucky guy!!!!! :)

I wrote this at a time I must have been distracted because I intended to explain more about how much I like her and enjoyed being around her before I ended the post. We had many crazy, sexy times. I've never considered doing it but I'll write more about her when I have time.


She sounds like a fine gurl

When I download a video that reminds me of her I move to a folder. I love to watch them while I jerkoff thinking about her. I have been with many crossdressers but she was special.

Love to see this clips. Sounds exciting