Slim Brunette Cd

I found an ad with a nice pic on craigslist and being always horny I contacted her. She was looking for action and it turned out she wasnt far from me, so we made a date for a couple hours later. When I arrived she looked quite hot in black fishnet thigh highs, black knee high boots, black boy short panties, a black corset, and long curly dark brown wig. Her makeup was a little heavy, but not terrible. She had a nice slim body that looked great in the lingerie. She smiled widely when she saw me at the door and let me in. On the far wall of the living room was a very large tv playing some she-male ****, as well as some music playing. The apartment looked like someplace they might film ****, so I will be honest I was a little worried and looked around for a camera. Soon though, it was like **** it I want some ***. she asked me to sit down and asked what I wanted to drink as she walked behind a small bar. I was hesitant at first as I wanted to keep both my kidneys, but when I saw her make herself a vodka-7 and drink from it, I told her to make me one as well. She quickly made my cocktail, walked over handed it to me and wasted no time kneeling between my legs and taking down my pants. My **** wasnt hard yet, but she commented that it was quite nice as she took it in her hand and began sucking on it. One of the great things about cd's compared to women is that they enjoy serving with no expectation of reward. The **** in their mouth and *** down their throat is all they want, and she was no exception. She was very enthusiastic as she went about her work. I wanted to *** down her throat bad, but I also wanted to **** her ***, so I had her stop. When she stood up I told her to dance for me, so she gave me a little lapdance to the music. She could actually move pretty good. Her body was lean and fit. I then told her to take her panties off. She slowly ******** out of them and walked up to me. I took her *** in both hands, pulled her closer and engulfed her small **** in my mouth. she was probably 5" at most when hard. I told her how bad I wanted to **** her, so she turned kneeled down to suck me hard, then turned around and got on all fours on the floor. The floor was a thick rubber type mat, so very comfortable to get down on. There was some lube on the table. I put on my magnum condom (will come up again later), lubed up and slid right into her ***. She took it well and moaned like a ***** in heat. She kept telling me how nice my **** was throughout the encounter, but really got into it now. I am not huge, just nicely above average and she knew what a man wants to hear. I was very hot by this time and ****** her hard. I tried to hold out but maybe 5 mins into it I was *******. She asked me if I wanted to stay, but I had that guilt thing going, so told her I had to leave. Wish I had stayed though as I wanted to **** some more.
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Wow if all trannies looked like that I'd be hooking up with a few.

Fabulous sweetie