Slim Brunette Cd Part 2

About 9 months after my first encounter with this cd, I saw a posting on CL of a cd looking for "mr magnum". She commented on how nicely surprised she was to see what I was packing and that it was a great size for her and she would like to get together again. I spent a lot of time on CL looking for hook-ups back then. Way more time than I should have. Guess that happens when you have a boring desk job. I contacted her and we arranged to meet the following evening at a local hotel. When I arrived she was dressed similarly to the way she was when we first met. She had a vodka and seven for me as well. She said she liked to serve her man and enjoyed fetching my drinks. She undressed me, I propped myself up on some pillows and let her go to work on my ****. She said she wanted to taste my load this time, so I allowed her to go about her business. again her enthusiasm was impressive. She had a laptop with some shemale **** playing that I watched as she sucked me off. It was probably 15 mins before I came in her mouth. We sat and watched the **** for awhile as she continued to get me drinks and stroke my ****. I joked with her and asked how many guys she had lined up for the night and if I should leave, She said no, its just me. When I was hard again, she said she wanted to get ******. I put on a condom, lubed up and mounted her from behind on the bed and began to **** her. Soon I began to smell an unpleasant scent. I figure I'm ******* her ***, so I guess there will be some smell. I looked down after it became stronger and saw that I had **** on my **** and pubes. I told her that and pulled out. when I did she **** more on the bed. She seemed very embarrassed and apologized continually. I got to use one of my favorite/corny lines..."Dont worry **** happens". I took off the condom, showered and left. I never heard from her again. It wasnt a huge deal to me. Violate that hole and you gotta figure it could happen. I told a few people about it, but just said it was a girl. The story was too good not to tell. I drive by the hotel ever so often and it still makes me smile.
edgarallanho edgarallanho
36-40, M
Jan 15, 2013