A Friends Confession

After six years living abroad, I arranged to meet a close friend, Steve, for a catch up drink in town.
I walked into the bar and saw him kiss a rather attractive woman who then turned and left the bar. She smilled at me as she went past and I turned and watched her walk away. I noticed she had a very boyish figure, great legs and surprisingly as it was a rather warm evening, she was wearing very sheer black pantyhose with a short black dress. From memory her shoes were just basic flat and black. She looked stunning.
I turned back to my friend who was standing there waiting for me. We shook hands.
"You like"? he asked.
"Yours"? I replied
"Yep, all mine" he said, smilling.
"Very nice, very very nice" I said sitting down.
He told me she was a hair dresser, working at a salon just down the road, and that she would join us later. She was working late, her turn.
We did the catch up bit, what we had done, where we had been, sights, sounds , the whole biz. Asked after family, old friends and then eventually, her, the hairdresser.
He told me her name was Lara, she was 26, and that they lived together in town, and had for 3 years. They had been together 5 years, after meeting in this very bar on her 21st birthday. He then went very quiet, and then he coughed.
"Confession time" he said, and looked me straight in the eye.
I sat there waiting, the quiet pause hanging in the air.
"Problem"? I asked eventually.
"Yea, Lara" he said, "She's not what she seems"
"Seems pretty good to me" I said
He paused again, coughed again, and I noticed had gone a bit red in the face.
"We're mates, right" he said, "and mates can tell each other things, even if we've not seen each other for a while, yea"?
"You can tell me anything, what you say here, stays here, no worries" I told him.
"Lara, well Lara is......" he paused.
"Yea"? I aked
"Well, Lara is a man, a feminine man, T Girl, tranny, whatever, but she don't like labels, as far as she is concerned she's a woman with a few extra bits". His voice was quiet and shakey.
"You're gay then" I said.
"No, well, yes, but no, if you get what I mean. I don't like men, I mean it. Men don't turn me on, I like women, well the look of women, and the night I met Lara I thought she was a woman, but, she told me, rather drunkidly, but quietly into my ear, she had a ****, while we were sat in the club we had moved onto, surrounded by her friends".
"Bit of a shock then" I said.
"You can say, ****, I didn"t know what to say, I sat there quiet and watched her as she stumbled off to the toilet, her best mate Chloe watching me" he said in a quiet whisper.
He told me that Chloe had guessed what Lara had said to me, and if he wanted to leave, then he could and should go now before she got back from the toilet. She had been let down before, many times, one more wouldn"t hurt.
"You stayed then" I said.
"Yep, took her home after, with Chloe, and phoned her next afternoon to make sure she was ok" he said smiling.
"How did it go"? I asked.
"Awkward, but I managed to ask her out to dinner, and we arranged to meet here again on the Tuesday after work. The rest as they say is history".
We had another drink, then Lara arrived about 40 mins later and joind us for the rest of the evening. Steve told her I knew about her and that I had no worries. The rest of the evening went very well and at 10.30 I left, even giving Lara a kiss on the cheek. We see each other regularly and one afternoon, sat in a bar waiting for Steve, Lara told me her story.....

phantasyman60 phantasyman60
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Jan 20, 2013