Ugg boots yes or no? I have been thinking about getting a pair because of their versatility. Meaning I could wear them in fem and guy mode. Thoughts?
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Get some cheaper ones and see If you like the style on you. If you do you could buy a more expensive pair.

I have Ugg type boots that I use as slippers in winter. They are unisex looking boots and originally worn/ designed by surfers. I would like to wear mine out in public but haven't yet. I have worn more obvious women's boots and shoes so not sure what stops me wearing Ugg style boots.

I used to do this all the time at Uni, I thought I would be the only guy on my course but it seemed that as soon as one did it loads others joined in. They are comfy there like slippers and you can wear them under the trousers if u want to be more discrete or if you want to fem it up a little tuck the bottoms of the trousers into your boots.

Best of luck and just be yourself.

Big bad idea, Ugs are for ugs. People who could pass as the missing link. Ug's are a seriously un kool

Sure, they could work both ways. I could also suggest penny loafers, athletic shoes, flip flops, mocassins, and a few other shoes that can be worn either in femme or male mode. Of course nothing beats a nice pair of heels!

Sure why not! They are kind of ugly, but in a cute way, and being kind of androgynous they gender bend either way.

Yes why not they look good and are probably very comfy to :)