I Am Bixsexual And Like To Xdress To Meet Men For Oral Sex

I am 58 years old and have been X dressing for five years. I have been bisexual 15 years. Yes I am married and no my wife does not know any would never understand. So I have NSA meeting with guys to give them oral sex without them having to do anything in return. This is a one way sexual encounter where I can mostly meet straight single and married men. I have found that it is easy to find a man to meet for oral. I started to X dress and found that even more men wanted to meet. For about two years when I working away from home I was able to meet the average of 3 men a week for NSA oral sex. That equals over 300 men, all different shape, sizes, ages, build and sexual orientation. I found short skinny guys to have larger male members than taller guys. I only some black guys were larger but did not have the hardness that white guys would have of the same size. In the US only about 10% of the men I met were circumcised. 99% of the men wanted oral to completion and 80% wanted to ********* in my mouth while the other 20% like to see their white thick cream on my face, mouth, chest or on my genitals. Each man's fluid tasted different from bitter and nasty tasting to sweet and yummy. In general smokers did not have the best tasting fluid. Some men shot off within 15 sec of the starting of the bj and the longer took a hour to reach his climax. I had several men climaxing within minutes of a climax and had one man climax three times in 15 minutes.
I met men in parked cars, in the woods, my hours, their house, there office, their garage, their sailboat, a gay bath house, adult theaters, adult book stores, public restrooms, public parks, public beach at night, and hotels. I met only 15% of the men a second time and only about 3% for 3 or more meetings.
About 20% of the time they wanted to jack me off, another 20% wanted to give me oral. In this summary I did not include any of my anal encounters.
I am not meeting as many men as I was a few years ago because of my work but I find that there are many bisexual man out there that like to dress up in anything female such as panty hose, panties, sleep ware, slips, bras or fully form the neck down. Many bisexual men will fully dress, I am one of these men. I only dress up to please the person that I am meeting. If I provide them a fantasy then I am rewarded sooner or later. X dressing is the means to the end of giving oral.
I have dressed up and gone to a adult theater and find either I get the attention of several men or get no interest at all. I have not received any interest when dressed up in a gay bath house.
The best place to dress up and give oral are the many sex clubs in London. At there sex clubs you can meet admires of CD, other CD , TV and TG people.
I have more passion with a TV than with a man. Men tend to be more dominate than other CD, TV or TG.
This is some of my experiences on the subject of giving oral to men and dressing up and giving oral to men.
cindyusa58 cindyusa58
56-60, M
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Love it. Wish we had sex clubs where I live. Would also love to be on my knees for you also!!!!

Yes, my wife does not know that I am a bisexual and that I am transvestite. I cannot keep a lot of things with me and have to find places to hide them. My wife would never understand and so it has to be kept a secrete. As you might expect, dressing up and meeting men who treat you as a **** or ***** is demeaning and humiliating which fits in with my personality.

Hi Cindy, I share your love for dressing and giving oral to men. I have serviced men in many different places and love the thrill of it. I really like doing it in adult theaters or video booths. I just adore **** in my mouth and being used for pleasure.

Me too. I haven't had the opportunity to suck another man's **** or have a **** ******* my ***. I would like to experience this and I think I would like it.

Yes, I have to find places to hid my things. I would love a closet full of things but have to only have one or two outfits. I dress up to meet others and that is enjoyable. When I am dressed up I am a woman and expected to be treated like one and hope to get ******.<br />

Hi Cindy, bet your wife doesn't know you cross dress. Neither does mine. She does know I wear bras everyday. How can she not feel the straps and bands when she hugs me. Hiding the clothes can be a problem and a pain. Above all you gotta be you. Which do you like better getting **** or dressing up?