Panty Wearing **** Sucking ****

The title is exactly how I feel when I wear panties. I have on a few occasions gone to adult video arcades wearing panties under my short shorts. I get so hot watching man on man ****, taking my shorts off and showing off my hardening **** in panties, turning around to show off my girlie tight *** as well. At least three different times I have done this and sucked one or more *****, a few very large yummy ones. I never did make them ***, at least not in my mouth like I hoped.
I did have a friend whom I used to show off my panties to. It made me hot to pull down my sweats and show him I was wearing sexy girlie panties. I did talk him into coming over one evening when my family was out of town. I wore thigh highs also for him and it was so hot getting on my knees and lowering his shorts and underwear. I almost came right there and must have looked like a stary eyed ****-crazed ****. I made sure once in bed that I lay on him so I could offer my *** to him while I sucked & licked his ****. When I got him to the point I knew he would be ******* soon, he pulled my panties aside and slipped a finger in my ***. I moaned with his **** in my mouth and pushed my *** back against him and took my hands and spread my cheeks. He inserted a second finger and I was in heaven, begging him to **** my *** and when I felt that 3rd finger slide into my *** spreading my tight whole and he was spurting 3 then 4 jets of hot *** into my mouth. I knew in that instance that I was now a panty wearing, ****-sucking **** and I loved every minute of it. Make me your **** sucking panty ****, please? Anyone in or near Kansas City talk to me.
iluvsatinpanties2 iluvsatinpanties2 46-50, M 4 Responses Apr 26, 2012

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loveyour story i love reading many of your offerings but i am so happy to read that you FINALY got your mouth and throat fiiled with hot goo i have to admit you mre me c-- reading this love penny from ct , wish i were in KC

Great story

I have been to a few XXX Cinemas and have never been disappointed, always manage to suck off at least one guy. Just wish that I would have the guts to go into one of those placed fully dressed without having to get dressed there instead. :(

My darling Chrissy....that is one of the hottest stories I've read. I have read of others adventures in these sex arcades....but you really have me thinking. I could go into one of those places dressed as Marcy. It would give me a chance to suck my next ****. What an opportunity! Does this really happen in these sex shops that have private booths? I'd also like to find a bar in Canton that caters to CDs.<br />
<br />
Love, Marcy