Emulation Is The Greatest Form Of Flattery, Right?

Yes, I adore women. How can one not? They are so precious and extraordinary...

My one beloved person is a girl, and that's why I will stay anonymous here. I have had several experiences out and about in various parts of the world, and I may tell a tale, or two, here on EP. I've been dressing in private for about ten years, or so. It is a lot of fun, is pleasantly naughty, and to my view causes no harm. But, mostly it's fun. And, the EP crowd of TG/cd/gg and other cool folks are really great!

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You are a help to me, my man is my first CD. I love him, he's so kind etc. thanks!

Thats a good attitude GS, enjoy our clothes and femminity and your own sexuality. I like teasing and flirting with CDs but it only works with them if they have a males sex drive.

I suppose there are positive and negative sides of most everything. I don't expect, or even desire, to be a true woman, and experience all of the feelings, joys, difficulties, traumas. I just want to be able to express a bit of the feminine that I perceive to be a part of me, and also to play with the sexual side, and the taboo. I'm sure that messing with the norm is part of the attraction, at least for me.

I dont think your in between I just think you love women, and want to emulate us, and why not embrace the fun side of femmininty without having to bother with the negative bits. I can understand why you want to be femminine even in every way possible for a while, but cant understand why you would want to take it further. There are negative sides to being a woman you know.

An interesting observation, Annette, and in my opinion you are correct. I think women are generally on a slightly higher plane than men. That's probably part of the reason we strive to be like the fairer (and superior?) gender.<br />
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I really do consider myself sort of in between, though. And, aside from just dressing up, I try to embrace some of the finer qualities of femme.

I agree with PinkZlollipopZ there's nothing wrong with dressing like a girl if you enjoy it. Why should we women hog the pretty dresses if you like wearing them do so it harms no one, and I like that form of flatery, just remember who the superior ones are though..

I love this story. I am totally in love with my wife of 20 years. She is all grace and elegance, with a really naughty mind - we share everything including our love of lingerie. She can do so many things, play so many roles, but she is always a woman to me and even when I am dressed en-femme, I still love her as a woman.

Nice post. I agree completely, I adore women and feel far closer to women than men - and I'm sure that's a driver for my sexuality. I love the Eddie Izzard quote!! As I often think when I see a woman that I find attractive for whatever reason (like Bonnie with her ideal feminine body, for instance) - "I don't know if I want to do her...or be her"

I found nothing's wrong with dressing like a girl :)

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful supportive comments. Particularly thanks to you, KHbunny, but, no, you're the awesome one! <br />
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And, toffeeflower, that's an intriguing question. I suppose I started to become more aware of my body, or perhaps it was changing slightly. I'm mostly boy over here, but with some feminine tratis, personality and physical. I've always enjoyed hanging out with the girls, too, and have been welcomed in to some degree many times. (this may have helped trigger it a bit, I suppose) I know that part of what makes it fun, though, is the naughty side, doing something taboo. As one gets into it just a bit, one quickly finds that you girls have attire that is way more fun than what's in the men's racks.

That is very sweet in my younger days i loved women. But now i miss a true woman. They just dont make them anymore.. A woman of grace and eleagnce.. i so miss it. But i so enjoy being a woman at times.. when i get to dress up and fell sexy.. thanks girliespirit..:)

Yes, I suppose I sort of follow a quote by Eddie Izzard,the British musician who used to cross dress and described himself as "a lesbian trapped in a man's body." The perfect quandry, eh? A lesbian in spirit with all the male tools.<br />
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But, I suppose I could put on a show, if desired. I am clearly enjoying showing off a bit here on EP. And, music? Maybe a bit of hard rocking blues would work for getting things cranked up, particularly if my girl wanted a bit of a show, maybe some RL Burnside? Once we were scantily clad, touching, nuzzling, kissing... perhaps something a bit mor mellow.<br />
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What sort of music would you want to hear, BonnieBelle, if we were exploring each others lingerie, and discovering what was beneath?

Girlspirit. Yes you are right Bonnies avatar is a perfect form and so desirable.

Well yes I have made love to a woman dressed up.<br />
Many many times. Normally in lingerie and stockings.<br />
The fore play was mutual and the contact was male / female but just dressed.<br />
Although I have been down the other route where the physical contact was more like a lesbian relationship in the actual contact.

Okay you all Cross Dresser, would you make love to a woman dressed as a female and how would you initiate a foreplay, I mean would you put on a good show for your partner before you touch her.... What kinda music.. would you play.. <br />
<br />
Or would you come across as a les.. <br />
<br />
I am just curious.. <br />
<br />
You welcome GirlySpirit.. talk to me more..

Yes, it has to be part of it, Roxanne. And, I'm certain you will agree that Bonnie's avatar represents essentially an ideal feminine form, Venus di Milo in a cute camisole and tiny panties. <br />
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And, thanks for the sentiments, Bonnie! Your words of acceptance and affection are so very welcome.

Roxanne, Ohhhhhhhhhhh !! You are so sweet.. We love you guys either way.

GS, JS. I totally agree with you. Perhaps because we adore women so much is the reason we dress.

GS, thanks for your compliment on my avatar on "erection in metro" story.. xoxoxo Bonnie