Wow, Man, What A Rush.

Don't ALL crossdressers love women?
Don't all CDs want to emulate that which they admire or want to BE that which they admire?
How could a man want to put on a bra if he did not have breast envy?
I look at the group's avatar, three women laughing, having a great time together, enjoying each others' company...
I would love to be the fourth, completely one of the girls. I guarantee the warmth, the depth of the pleasure would far surpass mere sexual gratification.
I LOVE women!
wastom wastom 51-55, M 1 Response Feb 5, 2012

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i know exactly what you mean, i am a cd and i dress as often as possible, but when im getting dressed, i am trying to make myself look as closely to a womans as i can. i love them, their shape, the way they walk, everything! i dont dress as a woman to idolize them, i do it because i want to appear to be a woman and be noticed as the woman that i am.