Going All-out This Year

I've crossdressed several times for Halloween, but this year I'm doing something I've never done before. Two friends of mine and I are going to dress up as the Kardashian sisters! I'm going to be Kim.

I'm getting a long black wig and will shape my eyebrows to match hers. I've already ordered a very tight leopard print club dress. I will pad out my hips and *** and also wear big boobs. Not over-the-top, but as realistic to Kim's figure as possible. I'm even thinking of waxing and getting a spray-on tan for my legs, so I can strut around on my spiky platform pumps.

I'm rather small and can look quite feminine, so I'm hoping to be fairly convincing. We will attend the WeHo Halloween Street Carnival and it should be a lot of fun!
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We need pictures, you will probably look better then Kim LOL

Sounds exciting. Since you are thinking of a spray on tan for your legs, are you going to wear pantyhose or stockings?

I didn't get the spray tan, so I'm going to go with nude or beige pantyhose.

I like it. Regardless of how tan my legs would or would not be...I'd still want to wear pantyhose. Of course, that's because I simply love wearing them.

Shaving my legs tonight after I get home from work. It's been sooooo long, I look forward to the wonderful feeling of silky, smooth legs.

Isn't it lovely to finish shaving or waxing and then sliding on a pair of sheer hosiery?

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Go all the way - I've read that Kim had has all her body hair zapped off with laser treatment!