I Wore My Moms Wedding Gown

Yeah, it wasn't the first dress of hers that I wore but it was one of the first.  I found it in the box in a closet in the basment when I was younger.  At first I just took it out and held it and then put it back.  Putting on the wedding gown was going to require a good window of time.  A few weeks later, when I had the oppurtunity to borrow some panties and shoes from my sister, I put on the wedding gown in the basement and dreamed of marrying the boy next door.  Sounds of the front door opening upstairs quickly broke up that dream and I quickly got the dress off and put back in it's palce before my dream became a living nightmare.   That was just anotther close call.  Years later, I would try on all of my sisters brides maid dresses too.  I was lucky to have access to their closets when no one was home.  
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Oh my, oh my. This sounds so much like my experience! In my case the box was in the bottom of Mom's hope/cedar chest. My wearing her gown was the ultimate pinnacle of my adolescent feminine discovery. It started in 4th grade after she went to work and I was home alone for 2 or 3 hours each day after school. One day curiosity got the best of me and I slipped on one of her long silky satin nightgowns. (She always left these silky lingerie items on the chair by her bed!) That was it, I loved the way it felt and eventually as time passed wore all her lingerie, girdles nylons and heels. Then I expanded into her silky blouses and skirts, taffeta dresses and silky taffeta or satin evening gowns (stored from various formal weddings she'd bought them for)! The day I slipped into her wedding gown was a thrill I still vaguely recall today 60 years later. It was a early 1930's vintage satin and lace gown. I ultimately wore it so much that I ruined it as the delicate satin and lace ripped at seams where I attempted to stretch it around my body. Didn't know any better at that age! Would love to have the opportunity to wear one again but know that just cannot and will not be possible. Thanks for sharing, I love these stories of those who are fortunate to have this wonderfully feminine experience!!

A wedding dress is the ultimate dress. Just putting one on chages your whole outlook. Its no wonder they're so special to women. If you've never tried one on please do.

Great to recal the first time you tried on a wedding dress The expeirence is hard to explain to anybody that dosent have our interests Theres always soometing to look forward to