My Two Wedding Gowns

I'am fortunate enough to own 2 wedding gowns. My first one was bought with the help of a Cd friend of mine who shopped at the place before and got to know the owner. He knew i wanted a wedding gown really bad and the oppertunity came up when they had one in my size. I was in heaven when i went there and tried it on. It has a lot of lace in the front and back with lots of pearl and irredecent beading. The train is a chapal length train. I got the gown at almost half the price it would normally cost and i wear it whenever i can. Later on I also got a veil, crinoline, and a small nosegay bouquet to complete the look. My second wedding gown is a simpler design with short sleeves a line skirt and a chapal train.It has beading along the sleeves, neckline and along the hem of the skirt. I do have pics of me in these two gowns and when i get brave enough i will post them. Wearing a wedding gown has been a dream of mine since i started crossdressing and its the most ultimate dress to own. I probably wear them more that what they're intended to be worn.
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Got the dress but would love a groom to go with it and actually have mock weddingceremony where i promiss to love, honour and obey my lovely beau......MMmmmmmmmm

I agree that someone like us will get a l;ot more wear out of our gowns. And it is the ultimate dress as far as feminity goes. I love putting on one of mine prancing around the house. I have even slept in one once. While a bit hot what a wonderful feeling to wake up with all that feminity around you. Sometimes when I am not wearing my gown and have on just a sexy slip I will wear a bridal veil especially one that covers my face because it make me feel so feminine. I love being a sissy cd. Enjoy your gowns.

I know exactly what mean, i have three wedding gowns, all bought off ebay

How did you manage that and be sure they'd fit you properly? I'm told wedding gown sizes are nothing like regular women's misses, petite or plus sizes!

I read somewhere that you need to go one size up so that's what i did

I know exactly what mean, i have three wedding gowns, all bought off ebay

Oh how I envy your good fortune and opportunity to wear your wedding gowns whenever you wish! I'm sure I'm not alone in writing this as I'm sure the many bridal gown loving and wishing to wear CD'ers among us here would love to be in your situation! I look forward to your sharing your bridal photos with us here on EP.