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Crossdressed As A Bride Outside A Church

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to have my photo taken, dressed as a bride, outside a real church.
The church I went for is a lovely old one on a green, but can be seen from the road. On this particular day though, a large marquee had been erected on the green, hiding the church from the road, so I went for it.
About 5.00am, in full makeup and wig, I dressed in wedding lingerie with an everyday dress over the top and drove to the church. There was a small shed in the churchyard and I changed into my wedding dress behind that. I had a small mirror and was able to put my headdress on. My heart was pounding but it was very exciting at the same time. Using a tripod and self timer, I managed to get quite a few shots, not all of which came out. The wind was a nuisance too and I have a lot of photos of me trying to hold my dress down! I have uploaded some photos to my profile. There is one of me standing outside the churchand a couple back home afterwards close up.
I have done a lot of daft things relating to crossdressing in my time, but I will always treasure this one. One day I hope to get photos of me with a groom and maybe even bridesmaids! There was another ocassion I crossdressed as a bridesmaid actually in a church (with photos to prove it), but that's another story.
KimBuffySummers KimBuffySummers 46-50, T 5 Responses Feb 8, 2012

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Wow, what a rush!!

Oh what a neat experience that must've been. Just once I'd love to wear a bridal gown again as it's been so long since I wore (many, many times) my mom's and totally ruined it as an adolescent. <br />
<br />
How much fun it would've been to have been there with you both of us as brides and taking good photos of each other as well as helping with our gowns!!!

Sounded like one hell of a day! Could you find a friend to take the shots for you?

I would have loved to have seen you dressed as a bride I could have taken some photos of you ,I bet you looked lovely ,

Would love to have been there with you.