Crossdressing Couples

I am CD hetrosexual person married with young lady. i have told about my CD to her and she was supportive with me to do the things.on holiday my wife
had made a plan and called my friend with her wife for lunch. my wife and friend 's have made a secret plan. i opened the door and saw two ladies standing int the door . one lady was wearing jeans and t shirt like a man and another lady is dressed with lavender chiffon saree with rose and pink florals.she has matching blouse with filed with lavender and gold bangles.his lips are sensuous with revlon lipstick.his eyes are wide and bright with kagal .and wearing earrings matching with saree.his bindi on forehead draws attention.,I am surprised seeing him.then my wife said he is your best friend wearing saree and today he will be here full day in saree. i was laughing and enjoy the movement. immidatiely my wife said please come inside and it is your turn to wear saree . she took me to our bedroom and gave me all ladies dress including bra,blouse, saree myand nose ring to wear payal , earrings also and ;lastly she gave me ladies wig to wear and we both came out , my wife was wearing jeans and t shirt. my freind's wife said both ladies are looking very nice in sarees. she said she was not knowing mens wearing so nice after wearing saree. and we enjoyed full day in the ladies attire.  
 my wife was prasing about my femine . she said my hubby is seen so beautiful in saree no body knows that this is the man wearing saree, when i go  .      
with her attending ladies functions at my friends house. my wife was saying to my friend's wife that my hubby is always remain in saree after comming
from office , i gave him saree,bra,blouse and other ladies wear and till next day morning till he changes his dress for going to office. on holidays ,saturday 
sunday he remains full day in saree. every day in the night my hubby and we were same type of ladies gown.i always brought two pairs of ladies gown when ever i purchased. so my hubby is 90 % women than man . but i love very much to my hubby, and i likes he wears saree.
afterwords my wife and friends wife discussing about enjyoment of life.she said that every friday to sunday  my hubby is my girl friend and we enjoys sex in lesbian way. i enjoyed it very much. so i always waitting for week end.   
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wish I could be so lucky,

Loved your story. Your wife is so very kind to help you dress in bra, blouse, Saree, and nose ring.

i was enjoying crossdressing with my wife.i told my wife about i my feminine side and liking of female cloths . after return from office my wife allows me<br />
to change to femine dress . i wear bra, blouse, saree and other jewellery like bangales,nosering. and after drapping saree i come out in front of my wife<br />
then she wears her magalsutra to me. then i will be her wife and my wife will be my husband. then i helped her in her kitchen works for washing of plates and utensils. so she can finish kitchen work fast then we will have more time to enjoy. we are having sex wearing ladies dress and wife likes very much she insists that i should remain in ladies wear only specially bra IENDwhile having sex. we both enjoy lot.<br />
<br />
she said we are best freinds and she treats me as her best GIRL FRIEND.

good even i like to wear female dress

same with me

I want to be like this

I want to be like this

Wow,yr hubby is lucky