I am cd .hetrosexual perosn , when i met my would be wife before marriage and told about my crossdressing she said she do not any objection of my
crossdressing , she said wheever you were saree you should perfectly look like woman.our engagment have over and we got freedom to move around with my would be wife freely.one day she called me to her house and in front of her mother my mother in law she said from today you grow your hair do  cut it it should grow such a way that when i wear sari it should look as womens hair and she don;t like that i were ladies wig when i wore saree . between our enagement and marriage there was gap of nearly six months, now i was started growing hair and it was up to shoulder height.
when we meet at her house her mother said next month is HOLI and it is your first holi as son in law and in our tradition mother in law gives saree to her son in law to wear at the time of HOLI. so she called me inside and showed one saree bought for me. my wife was also said that she will nelp me to dreap saree at that time so to get practice to walk with saree she said from today onwards there are 15 days left i should  were saree daily so i will have practice and i will walk freely at the time of holi. immidaitely she called me in her bedroom she gave me bra, lingree, blouse and saree to were she has stiched blouse of my size from her tailor and it was fitting perfectly to my size, then she has done some make up then she gaveme earring,nosering, bangells to were and since my hair was grown up to shoulder she tied my hair with safty pin and she showed me mirror . i was looking very beatiful lady. her mother in law also praised and said no body will knew that i am not a girl . she said now from today onwords i will stay with her and were saree only. she ask my wife my said i do not have any problem about my hubby her idea is that my hubby will be house wife after the marriage and live in house wearing saree and do all ladies house hold work. both have agreed so i do not have any word to say no. my wish was also indirectly ful filled as to remain in saree. then after fifteen days HOLI was there that day i wear new saree given by mother in law .we three ladies went for holi puja. every body was asking about who is the sweet lady with you my mother in law and my wife was laughfing at me and i also liked that laughfing. then my wife;s freind came she saw me recognised me and said this youn lady is man and wearing saree i was shy and now all ladies are teasing at me along with my wife. then they called me in between on chair and around me all ladies made round circle and  they started singing song and dancing around me . i was also like that. so like that everybody and myself rembember that HOLI very well and i enjoyed that HOLI very much   


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today i celebarte holi wearing full day saree and doing holi puja in that attire.

Very nice radha... keep writing new stories...