I Became My Wife's Bhabhi For A Week(fantasy)

my wife had a brother he got cheated by a girl he felt very depressed . my wife had a plan it has to be some other lady who can make him forgot her. she realised that no lady will accept to share a bed with my brother unless she is married to him . so she got an idea her plan was to make me her bobby for a week. as he came to our home i stopped crossdressing in front of my brother in law. my wife told him that her husband was leaving to relative house in search of job and his sister will stay with us . she took me to a beauty parlour and dressed me as a beutiful bride and introduced to him. she told him that she wil stay with you till her brother comes.she ordered her brother to be happy with me till her husband returns i have not had the opportunity to be the wife of man so i thought it as a new experience and i am doing it for the welfare of my brother in law. i brought him milk in jug and gave him and drank the remaining milk and did him massage . he kept his hands on my hip it sparked something between us and then we had a nice half an hour then he removed my saree and began to enjoy my navel and all the parts of the body he squeezed my virtual boobs and enjoyed my *** and sucked and ****** me in bed . one week he was my husband and he forgot his lover and loved me very much .after one week my wife revealed that it was your brother in law he sacrificed a lot for you and beared everything you had done to him. he hugged me and thanked me for my kind help . i got very happy and my wife praised me a lot and did all household jobs as well as office jobs i lived like a princess
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wow its really great.wonder full idea.