Lov To Wear Saree, Peticot, Bra & Blouse

i am a married man with two kids, but i love to wear saree, i started to wear my aunts saree at the age of 10, now i am 38 still i love to wear saree, my wife don know that, whn my wife go out i wear saree, but i am searching an aunty with whom i can share my feelings an dress me up like an women with all ornaments, wig, etc.
devu35 devu35
31-35, M
3 Responses May 11, 2012

If your wife doesn't know then NEVER take picture of you in sari or as a cross dresser.
CD Kanti

My mom helps me to wear, even she had helped her brother to wear. she lost him and she still miss her. she ask god if she can get her brother back.

Dont worry you ll get soon